Multi-Certified and Insured Yoga guidance, instruction, & teaching for kids, teens, adults, and seniors.


As a graduate of Vassar College and a plethora of drama schools, with focuses on performance and movement, Caroline is an actor as well as a multi-certified yoga, meditation, and pilates teacher.

For over 20 years, she has taught in Los Angeles, New York, Connecticut, the Berkshires, China, Tanzania, India, and Mexico, in spas, studios, prep schools, colleges, and barns(!), and has been a guest teacher at Kripalu.

Voted Connecticut Magazine’s “Best of CT,” Litchfield Reader’s Choice Best Kept Secret and Best Teacher, and Nature Nutmeg’s 10BEST Award.

Caroline’s classes and performances have raised over $158,000 for charities.

This year, Caroline was voted Number One Best Personal Trainer and Yoga Teacher and Yoga Space in Berkshire, Litchfield, Duchess, and Columbia counties by the readers of Rural Intelligence and Number One Best Yoga Teacher and Best Kept Secret by the readers of Litchfield Magazine for the fifth year in a row!


For information about classes with Caroline, please reach out to her through the contact page.

CK Pre-Recorded Videos

Video Menu

15 min Yoga Sampler
30 min Gentle Morning Flow
30 min 10 Basic Beginner Poses
40 min Beginner Yoga Flow
30 min Gentle Yoga to Open the Body
30 min Chair Yoga, for beginners/older folk
30 min Yoga for Your Core
45 min Yoga for Strength
50 min  Basic Beginner Lesson and Yoga for a Tight Back
60 min CK Yoga Flow
60 min CK Yoga/Pilates for Butt, Abs, Arms, Heart Rate, etc.
60 min Slow n’ Stretchy CK Yoga Class for Space + Grace
60 min Yoga for Runners, Cyclists, and Tennis Enthusiasts
60 min Yoga for Kids (and Fun Adults)
60 min Flow Class
70 min Standard Spacious Flow
70 min Gentle Full Body Strength & Stretch Flow
70 min Core and Forward Folds
70 min Lower Back Opening, Abs, and Twists for Grounding
70 min Ultimate Mega Core
70 min Happy Spine Flow
70 min Solid Start to the Day
75 min Hip & Shoulder Opening Flow
75 min Abs, Deep Stretch, Slow Flow
75 min Post-Holiday Restorative Abdominal Strength and Hip-Openers
80 min Slow & Stretchy Snow-Day Flow
80 min Full-Body Flow
80 min Intense Core and Full Body Stretch
80 min Intermediate Abs and Twist Sequences
85 min (Abs and) Hamstring and Calf Opening
90 min Shoulder-Opening, Arm Stretching Full Body Flow
90 min Total Body: 30 min Pilates, 60 min Yoga Flow
120 min 15 min Meditation, 30 min Pilates, 70 min Yoga Flow
5 min Desk Yoga ~ A break from your work, for those of you studying and working at your computer even more these days. Keep it open on your desktop and try to practice it at least once a day to exercise your respiratory system, keep your nervous system calm, and bring health and peace into your body and brain.

Purchase Ck Videos

30 min. Videos – $10
45-120 min. Videos – $20
5 Class Bundle – $80
All Class Bundle – $250

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kind words

“Prior to Caroline I associated yoga as a mingling of twister and breath holding while my vertebrae cracked so loudly it would make a chiropractor blush. Then, we met Caroline in Washington, CT, a town I would describe as bucolic, pastoral and cosmopolitan, much like her. She simultaneously is of this place and also, an exotic sliver of the West Coast that adds a touch of transcendentalism to her practice. On this last note, East Coasters need not panic, as her transcendentalism is of a type that would not be foreign to Thoreau or Walt Whitman. She poetically weaves the numinous into her practice, under the quixotic belief that the quotidian stresses of the modern world could yield to the ancient practice of yoga. She searches for the fundamental physical flexibility of childhood, and a connection to the wholeness of a time even before that. The simplicity of her approach is deceptive, as her understanding of her craft, human physiology and what the practice is doing to her pupil’s minds is elaborate. She uses that insight with understated and thankfully, gentle guidance. She is prescient, wise and a master of the counter-impulse. If you need someone to hold your hand while you clear away the cobwebs of your mind and joints, Caroline is your Muse.”
– John Strugar, MD, Board-Certified Neurosurgeon

“An amazing teacher!! I felt so calm and centered all day yesterday. Thank you, thank you! Can’t wait for the next class!”
– Emily,Visual Artist featured at the White House

“Your practice is as awesome as it is timely.
Your classes are a trifecta: win (body,) win (mind,) win (making a difference in the community.)”
– Jane Whitney Gruson, Television Journalist, Newsperson, Talk-Show Host, and Political Activist

“A group of us — all ages, shapes and sizes — were led by the very gifted Caroline in a beautiful yoga practice…Young people, old people, tired people, energized people, healthy people, struggling people, kids – what I love most about this class, aside from its brilliant teacher, is the profound acceptance, the sense of kindness and love for friends and strangers alike…I really love her classes, am so grateful she’s teaching…”
– Dani Shapiro, best selling author

“The class was just EXQUISITE and one of the most memorable experiences I’ve had in this house.
Thank you for making our classes “part of” the landscape so intuitively and seamlessly…
You bring so much sweetness to so many.”
– Abigail Pogrebin, Author

“She’s absolutely phenomenal.”
“Caroline Kinsolving’s class was amazing. Her energy was infectious.”
“I attended the Vinyasa class and it was delicious!
She led me to explore my edges and go deeper, while guiding a safe, inclusive class for all levels! I loved it!”
– Various Kripalu Students

“Her work ethic is solid. Always reliable. She has a special ability to connect with clients. Clients love her and so do kids. She is very knowledgeable in all areas of yoga, confident and reliable. I highly recommend Caroline!”
– Antonia King, CEO and Founder of Zooga Yoga Inc., the first kids only Yoga studio franchise in the country

“I’d like to introduce Caroline Kinsolving and her Yoga for Good program! I heard about her class while I was at Kripalu. I was unbelievably energized from her creative flow. It was a yoga meets dance meets happy hour class. It was amazing. ⁠⁠I want every person on the planet to take one of her yoga classes to support how she is giving back to the world.”
⁠- Keele Burgin, author

“Thank you for this morning. I left with gratitude for you and the way that you embody all that you do. Your ability to create community, open up our bodies and our mind to our own strength and capacity for joy and pleasure and to bring humor and lightness to the deeply grounded work that you do is a true gift to anyone who gets to experience it.
Thank you for sharing your gifts so gracefully.”
– Carrie, Sustainability Advisor

“You taught us the importance of focus, mindfulness, and breath. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us. We will carry this knowledge with us wherever we go. Thank you for also sharing your knowledge of Connecticut with us – it opened our eyes to how much this ares has to offer.”
– Dan, Hedge Fund Manager and Hillary, Interior Designer

We all know Caroline to be a charismatic and joyful yogi, whose classes are filled with light, feeling, music, and a deep, soulful practice. So it goes to figure that remote practice with Caroline is would be all these things, too. Since we are spending so much time in our homes these days, our spaces must now serve our work, our play, and our rest; our everything! What a gift it is to invite Caroline and her yoga practice into your home…now, more than ever we need to create sanctuary there.
– Amanda, local elementary school teacher

“You helped me set the tone of the day today. I borrowed some of your perspective and redirected all that negative energy from top to bottom. Powerful stuff. Thank you.”
– Brad, CEO and surfer

“Wow that was excellent. What a treat. I will be happy/sore today and tomorrow! You are an awesome instructor! Really enjoyed it!!! Just what I need.”
– Alan, CEO and Ironman

“I found it interesting, eye opening and quite worthwhile. She is inspiring: her movements are controlled, disciplined and with purpose, her speech and tone are even, relaxing and inviting, like a physical poem.”
– Craig, Finance and Accounting

“Caroline has been my go-to yoga instructor for the past 7 years. Most recently, she instructed me privately while I was treated for breast cancer. Caroline is very intuitive which is critical during a mind-body practice. She specially crafted each session to what I needed that hour. She pushed me when she knew I could do it and she slowed me down when she knew I was pushing too hard. She deftly leads you down a path to introspective thinking and listening to your body while simultaneously providing a great work out. She has a gift and I couldn’t recommend her more highly.”
– Trish Russo, Associate at Disney, Cancer Survivor, private client

“Caroline listens to your body for you, she sees your abilities and works with you through them, pushing when necessary.
My body changed noticeably in the two weeks we worked together.”
– Carolyne Savini, Senior Vice President Turnkey Sports, new yoga student

“A great session. My abs thank you. They keep saying, “we want more”!
– JoAnn, restauranteur

“Caroline is a dynamic teacher with a keen understanding of various yoga styles, from pre-natal to Vinyasa.
She is super personable with clients and students, and leads the room with confidence and grace.”
– Gillian Gorman, Multi Studio Owner in the Berkshires, Masseuse, and Yoga Instructor of 20 years

“Yoga with Caroline is like a deep breath of fresh air. She always asks where you are that day and creates a practice based on your individual needs (she’s great at making modifications to fit any level). I always feel challenged, relaxed, and peaceful after our sessions. Caroline creates a truly unique and restorative environment where you feel safe and cared for. I’ve practiced for many years with her and my progress has been a delight in my life. Caroline truly walks the walk. You are in the best of hands and I highly recommend taking the leap. Enjoy!”
– Chloe, Pilates instructor, private client for 5 years

“Honestly, the best class I’ve taken.”
– Marion, blogger, designer, mom

“Loved her style, her FLOW, her PERSONALITY and her humor. She made Yoga FUN.”
– Susan, student

“I love your class and am very glad to have found it.
The people who come form a very nice community.
I think you’ve really enriched the community with your yoga, your giving, and your other programming.
Congrats on making such a difference.”
– Laura, producer

“I cherish it when I get to go to CK’s Yoga Class! Seriously, one class turned around how my husband and I treat and love each other… and there wasn’t even anything that bad about our relationship, but who could use more affection? Especially the expressive kind!”
– Rachel, wife, mother, former athlete

“Thank you for the yoga class! We both thoroughly enjoyed it
(and I passed out that evening and had the best night of sleep I’ve had in a while).”
– M.K., mom, wife, and yogi

“Your class was excellent and you handled the kids really, really well!”
– Phil, prep-school squash coach

“Caroline lights up the studio… Such gratitude for her kindness and joy and big heart. So glad she is teaching.”
– K, studio owner and CEO

“I love your whole class and love the spontaneity that leads us outside or under the pergola some days. But my favorite moment is shivasana when I lie resting, body well tuned and you read a poem. The words wash over and into me, and I absorb their beauty in full.”
– Caz, Financial Analyst

“Thanks for today’s class! It was so beautiful and enervating. The weather and farm perfect, but mainly you are such a great teacher, and so good at tailoring to the setting, crowd and mood. I also love your music. You play so many of my very fave songs.”
– Chrissy Armstrong, Performer

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