Gillian Multi Studio Owner in the Berkshires and Yoga Instructor of over 20 years
“Caroline is a dynamic teacher with a keen understanding of various yoga styles, from pre-natal to Vinyasa. She is super personable with clients and students, and leads the room with confidence and grace.”    
“Caroline is a knowledgeable and skillfully versatile instructor who moves with ease and confidence in front of a class. She embodies an enthusiasm for living that positively affects those in her presence.”    

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Fitness Director • Personal Trainer • Yoga Instructor at Bard College’s Simon’s Rock
“Caroline has been my go-to yoga instructor for the past 7 years. Most recently, she instructed me privately while I was treated for breast cancer. Caroline is very intuitive which is critical during a mind-body practice. She specially crafted each session to what I needed that hour. She pushed me when she knew I could do it and she slowed me down when she knew I was pushing too hard. She deftly leads you down a path to introspective thinking and listening to your body while simultaneously providing a great work out. She has a gift and I couldn’t recommend her more highly.”
Former Associate at Disney • Cancer Survivor • Private client
“Caroline and I lived on opposite coasts when she began teaching me yoga through private Skype lessons. I was a complete neophyte and she had me practiced on a routine in very short order. Of all things, I appreciate Caroline’s humor and dedication to making the experience fulfilling, both through setting attainable goals for me and by pushing my personal boundaries.”
Father • Realtor for Sotheby’s in The Hamptons
“Yoga with Caroline is like a deep breath of fresh air. She always asks where you are that day and creates a practice based on your individual needs (she’s great at making modifications to fit any level). I always feel challenged, relaxed, and peaceful after our sessions. Caroline creates a truly unique and restorative environment where you feel safe and cared for. I’ve practiced for many years with her and my progress has been a delight in my life. Caroline truly walks the walk. You are in the best of hands and I highly recommend taking the leap. Enjoy!”
Pilates instructor • private client for 5 years
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