Alec Baldwin – Academy Award nominee
“She really is VERY talented. She’s like an architect stuck at a sandcastle contest.”
Academy Award nominee
Christine Baranski – Emmy and Tony award winner Emmy and Tony award winner
“She has a tony, classy thing going that girls out there don’t.”
Tony Bill – Academy Award winning producer Academy Award winning producer
“An absolutely first-class, memorable and daring performance!… Another feather in her cap.”
Bill Rauch – Artistic Director of the OSF Artistic Director of the OSF
“She is really, really good…a wonderful artist.”
Helen Bartlett 
“I cannot express how much fun we had watching her. Magical. She is so funny and has such great timing. Delicious in every way.”
executive producer
Kinsolving has a smile that will melt hearts.
Casa Magazine
The highlight of the play. Kinsolving is in radiant splendor. I cannot imagine a more sublime heroine!
The Independent
Kinsolving achieves theatrical magic … with whom one can fall in love. Her charismatic presence at the heart of Chapter Two is the kind of happy surprise we could all use.
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