Poems for the eyes, ears, and soul: One location. One shot. One take.

“Poetry has always been a sacred language to me because I grew up with a poet by my side. My mother shared poetry and how to see the world poetically throughout my childhood, for which I will always be grateful. Several years ago, my managers encouraged me to start my own performance project and create my own content, but I didn’t want to just make another video, adding to the thousands of funny sketches out there. I wanted to put something out there that was not only unique but thoughtful and helpful to those viewing. I asked myself what I might have to offer and poetry came to mind and so, FOEMS was born. Over 100 videos later, I’m proud to have heard from actors, teachers, poets, and students alike from around the world, expressing their appreciation for poetry on film.”

We are developing this project to get Poetry into the hands (and onto the iPhone screens) of the next generation.

James Fenton, known as one of the greatest poets of our generation, watched his Foem, “In Paris With You,” and wrote “I’m always pleased at the way that poem gets around – and in unexpected versions…Thank you.”

Kate Light, responded to her poem’s Foem: “I love this! … I always had mixed feelings about the poem, but it’s the one that Anthologists often pick, and you made me see why!”

Over 100 Poems and over 35,000 views worldwide:

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