CK Yoga Videos for Good

Pay for the whole bundle or a la carte through Venmo (@Caroline-Kinsolving) or with the PayPal link below and I will send you access to the following:

CK Yoga Pre-recorded Classes:

($15 each)

  • 15-minute Yoga Sampler
  • 30-minute Gentle Morning Flow
  • 30-minute 10 Basic Beginner Poses
  • 40-minute Beginner Yoga Flow

($15 each:)

  • 30-minute Gentle Yoga to Open the Body
  • 30 Minute Chair Yoga, for beginners/older folk
  • 30-minute Yoga for Your Core

($25 each:)

  • 45-minute Yoga for Strength
  • 50-minute Basic Beginner Lesson and Yoga for a Tight Back
  • 60-minute Full Flow Class
  • 60-minute CK Yoga Fun Everything Flow
  • 60-minute CK Yoga/Pilates for Butt, Abs, Arms, Heart Rate, etc.
  • 60-minute Slow n’ Stretchy CK Yoga Class for Space + Grace
  • 60-minute CK Yoga for Kids (and Fun Adults;)

Venmo: @Caroline-Kinsolving

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