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This year, Caroline was voted Number One Best Personal Trainer and Yoga Teacher and Yoga Space in Berkshire, Litchfield, Duchess, and Columbia counties by the readers of Rural Intelligence and Number One Best Yoga Teacher and Best Kept Secret by the readers of Litchfield Magazine for the fifth year in a row!

For information about classes with Caroline, please reach out to her through the contact page.

Video Menu

15 min Yoga Sampler
30 min Gentle Morning Flow
30 min 10 Basic Beginner Poses
40 min Beginner Yoga Flow
30 min Gentle Yoga to Open the Body
30 min Chair Yoga, for beginners/older folk
30 min Yoga for Your Core
45 min Yoga for Strength
50 min Basic Beginner Lesson and Yoga for a Tight Back
60 min CK Yoga Flow
60 min CK Yoga/Pilates for Butt, Abs, Arms, Heart Rate, etc.
60 min Slow n’ Stretchy CK Yoga Class for Space + Grace
60 min Yoga for Runners, Cyclists, and Tennis Enthusiasts
60 min Yoga for Kids (and Fun Adults)
60 min Flow Class
70 min Standard Spacious Flow
70 min Gentle Full Body Strength & Stretch Flow
70 min Core and Forward Folds
70 min Lower Back Opening, Abs, and Twists for Grounding
70 min Ultimate Mega Core
70 min Happy Spine Flow
70 min Solid Start to the Day
75 min Hip & Shoulder Opening Flow
75 min Abs, Deep Stretch, Slow Flow
75 min Post-Holiday Restorative Abdominal Strength and Hip-Openers
80 min Slow & Stretchy Snow-Day Flow
80 min Full-Body Flow
80 min Intense Core and Full Body Stretch
80 min Intermediate Abs and Twist Sequences
85 min (Abs and) Hamstring and Calf Opening
90 min Shoulder-Opening, Arm Stretching Full Body Flow
90 min Total Body: 30 min Pilates, 60 min Yoga Flow
120 min 15 min Meditation, 30 min Pilates, 70 min Yoga Flow
5 min Desk Yoga ~ A break from your work, for those of you studying and working at your computer even more these days. Keep it open on your desktop and try to practice it at least once a day to exercise your respiratory system, keep your nervous system calm, and bring health and peace into your body and brain.

Purchase Ck Videos

15-30 min. Videos – $10
45-120 min. Videos – $20
5 Class Bundle – $80
All Class Bundle – $250

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Explore Washington, CT

Washington is filled with arts and culture, rooted in a strong sense of community, and the work of Caroline Kinsolving is no exception. Caroline is an actress and yoga instructor, whose many experiences have brought her home to Washington. Hear more about her incredible work with Yoga for Good and Theatre for Good here in Washington and what’s coming up this summer!

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CK Yoga for Kids at Spring Hill Vineyard
CK Yoga for Kids at Spring Hill Vineyard


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