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With our current state of the world, I have been moved to try to find a way to contribute to society positively, do what I love selflessly, with the goal of putting my energies towards good within the community.

As of today, the total amount raised and given through CK Yoga for Good classes online and in-person,
since we began in the summer of 2017, is: $28,500 and over 350 classes offered to the the public.
(For a list of our benefactors, please scroll to the bottom)

CK Community Donation Yoga for Good classes have no fee, but a mindful suggested donation.

If a student is unable to pay for a normal class in a studio, they pay what they can.

All donations are pooled at the end of each class and paid forward to causes and charities.

CK Yoga for Good has won for both Favorite Yoga and Best Kept Secret!

CK Yoga for Good has won for both Favorite Yoga and Best Kept Secret!

Explore Washington, CT

Washington is filled with arts and culture, rooted in a strong sense of community, and the work of Caroline Kinsolving is no exception. Caroline is an actress and yoga instructor, whose many experiences have brought her home to Washington. Hear more about her incredible work with Yoga for Good and Theatre for Good here in Washington and what’s coming up this summer!

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CK Yoga for Kids at Spring Hill Vineyard
CK Yoga for Kids at Spring Hill Vineyard


  • The Washington Art Association
  • The Steep Rock Land Trust
  • the New Milford Animal Shelter
  • a local Food Bank for families in need
  • the Institute for American Indian Studies
  • the Litchfield Jazz Scholarship program
  • a beloved local’s cancer treatment GoFundMe
  • the Susan B. Anthony Recovery Center for women and children
  • Martin Luther King CT Nonviolence Center
  • Jewish Center Sharon
  • CT Young Farmers
  • Houston’s Hurricane Harvey Diaper Fund
  • ASPCA for Harvey Animal Relief
  • ASPCA for Irma Animal Relief
  • a local GoFundMe to support a small business’ victims of a hate-crime in New Milford
  • Higher Heights
  • Emerge America
  • Danbury Animal Welfare
  • Safe Haven Farm Sanctuary
  • Star Paws Rescue
  • Center for Nonviolence
  • Women’s March CT
  • JDRF
  • Children’s Community School
  • WMS Pat’s Fund
  • ACLU
  • Avaaz
  • Little Britches
  • Everytown
  • Catherine Hubbard Foundation
  • White Rhino Ol Pejeta Conservancy
  • Wildlife Conservation Network
  • March for Our Lives
  • Rebecca’s Race for Pancreatic Cancer
  • Center for Translation
  • Greenwoods
  • Texas Civil Rights Project
  • Washington Environmental Council
  • Judy Black
  • Prime Time House
  • CT Votes for Animals
  • Friend of Animals
  • WEC
  • Lynnia’s Cancer Fund
  • Texas Civil Rights
  • Blue Wave
  • Humane Society International
  • local animal shelters
  • Wintergreen Arts in Maine
  • Drea’s Hurricane Senior Citizens Meal
  • Woosley Fire Animals
  • to family loss Cali fires
  • Animals in Cali Fire
  • Native American Foods
  • Muddy Paws Rescue
  • Whale Rescue
  • Washington Ambulance Assoc.
  • Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary
  • Al otro lado, legal support for migrants at the border in Tijuana
  • The Pad Project
  • Sierra Club
  • family loss in Cali fires
  • Planned Parenthood
  • PETA
  • Whale Org
  • Oceanic Preservation Society
  • Best Friends Animal Society
  • Charity: Water
  • Insulin for Life USA
  • DeCruit Organization
  • ASAP!
  • WMNR radio
  • the Washington Art Association
  • Immigrant Children
  • the Trevor Project
  • Act Blue-Kids at the Border
  • Yellowhammer Fund
  • Writer’s Almanac Organization
  • GO Campaign
  • Amazon Rainforest Rescue Preservation
  • Little Guild
  • Hurricane Dorian Bahamas Relief
  • Elephants in Asia
  • PAAL
  • CT Animal Shelter
  • Catskill Animal Sanctuary
  • New Milford Animal Welfare
  • the Jewish Coalition for Literacy of New Haven
  • GoFundMe for a local couple who lost everything in a fire before Christmas
  • Jewish Federation of Greater New Haven
  • Uninvisibility Project
  • Women’s Support Services
  • The Actor’s Fund
  • Coronavirus Relief Fund
  • American Nurses Foundation - Coronavirus Response Fund
  • Direct Relief - Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and ICU support
  • Center for Disaster Philanthropy's (CDP) COVID-19 Response Fund
  • United Way of Greater Waterbury & Connecticut Community Foundation COVID-19 Fund
  • One Fair Wage Emergency Fund Feeding America - COVID-19 Response Fund
  • The National Domestic Violence Hotline
  • Susan B. Anthony Project COVID-19 Fund
  • WildLife Tomorrow Fund Robin Hood Relief Fund
  • Go Campaign Relief Fund
  • Coalition for the Homeless
  • WMNR
  • Laughing Lotus SF
  • Church of Yoga
  • Conversations on the Green
  • VOTE Masks for a Good Cause
  • ARC Stages
  • Native American Dog Rescue
  • Manhattan Theatre Club
  • World Wildlife Fund
  • Black Visions
  • Minnesota Freedom Fund
  • Adem Bukkadenko
  • Black Lives Matter
  • National Bail Out
  • Hillary Ram for the 67th
  • the trevor project
  • GLITS for Transpeople
  • small business support aid
  • Girls for Gender Equity
  • Black Women’s Blueprint
  • Mental Health Foundation
  • Go Fund Me for Anonymous Actress suffering a stroke
  • Purple Roof Istanbul
  • Washing Ambulance Association
  • Washington Fire Department
  • Milwaukee Freedom Fund
  • The Old Vic
  • The Royal Theatrical Fund
  • Dog Rescue Harbin Meat Market
  • Top Ten House Toss-Up Races
  • Old Friends Senior Dog Center
  • WINGS WorldQuest
  • danbury animal welfare society
  • Mike Seigel Flip
  • Wild Tomorrow Fund
  • CT Food Bank
  • Ars Nova

Theatre for Good presents:

Almost, Maine
A novel and, a play

Saturday, July 17th, 2021
Q+A & Book Signing & Performance

Sunday, July 18th, 2021

at the Judy Black Park and Gardens starring John Cariani and Caroline Kinsolving

“Almost, Maine” starring John Cariani, with Kent Burnham and Beth Harvison

Humbled and overwhelmed with gratitude to those of you who came out and supported Theatre for Good this summer. We had sold out shows and the audience was so delightfully encouraging through the storm! Together, we raised over 1k for The Judy Black Park and Gardens in memory of Denise Trevenen and over 2k for The Wintergreen Arts Center in Presque Isle, Mai

Thank you to Lindsey Victoria Photography for capturing such wonderful highlights from Saturday night’s torrential performance!

What People Are Saying...

It was amazing! You all were amazing. So grateful to have seen it. - Michele

Hi Caroline. Just wanted to let you know that we were blown away by your and John's performances yesterday. I can see why "Almost, Maine" has become so popular, but we were truly knocked out by the two of you. I have such respect for great actors! Boggles my mind how you do it. It was a long journey to get to Wash Depot from Pittsfield, but it was so worth it. Hope you made gobs of money for Theatre for Good. Please keep me posted on upcoming projects. - Lisa

My husband and I loved it! Your performances were terrific! The last play we saw was on March 12, 2020. I'd nearly forgotten how revivifying live theatre is. Thanks much! - Marilyn

That was amazing! Thank you for letting me know about it. What an absolute gem. - Jonathan

I had so much fun watching your incredibly talented performance tonight! And such clever writing. The second act just kept on delivering! Thank you for helping to remind me how much I love the simple pleasures of watching a good play. - Carol

Hi Caroline, Your show was very entertaining and you improvised well when the torrential rains came. Enjoyed the evening -many thanks. - G

Hello - Thanks again for organizing the great events over the weekend with John! We really enjoyed talking to him at the bookstore and last night following the performance -- which was really fun! Thanks again!! - Steve

You two were sensational. Amazing timing and takes and playing off of one another and playing with the elements too! Brava and bravo!!! - S

GREAT SHOW! I loved it. So so much. You were fantastic. So many feelings. 💜💜💜 #mainer I figured the town he was referencing was Presque Isle and was touched at his tribute and nod to rural folk. - Bianca

Fabulous performance!! Thank you so much! - Jan

We thought your production on Sat eve was really terrific! We had a great time, lots of laughs... & of course, the weather also put on a show! So glad to have received an invitation. - Courtney

It was a wonderful performance. Thank you. - Joseph

Just wanted to say it was a pleasure watching your show in Washington Depot Saturday night. I had hoped to make it to the signing/Q+A earlier in the day, but due to some unfortunate circumstances, I was unable to attend as planned. Still, I'm glad I got to meet you and Mr. Cariani even briefly and was honestly just glad to be back in a theatre again. Between Covid-19 and the chaos of life since finishing my theatre undergrad in 2018, it had been far too long since I had been anywhere near the business. I had gotten a bit cynical about performing, and I suppose it must have extended a bit into watching as well. At the end of your show, I let out a literal and metaphorical breath that I didn't realize I was holding, and for the first time in a long time, my soul was fed. I'll save the elegant praise for those who have trained to give it, but I just wanted to send along a simple thank you, from someone who has always loved to hear and tell stories, from someone who appreciates the circumstances of the industry in limbo, and from someone who heard many words that night that he needed to hear. Thank you for bringing to life the show that started me on my own path. Thank you for utilizing your art for a good cause. Thank you for being a good influence in the world, because it is truly inspiring. - Daniel

Explore Washington, CT

Washington is filled with arts and culture, rooted in a strong sense of community, and the work of Caroline Kinsolving is no exception. Caroline is an actress and yoga instructor, whose many experiences have brought her home to Washington. Hear more about her incredible work with Yoga for Good and Theatre for Good here in Washington and what’s coming up this summer! Read More

Theatre For Good Presents “Almost, Maine” With Broadway Star John Cariani

You’ve probably heard of, if not seen, “Almost, Maine. “ It’s said to be the most produced play in the country, performed by professional actors and high school thespians alike. Now, Caroline Kinsolving, the Litchfield County resident and stage and screen actor/yoga instructor, is bringing it to Washington Depot, Conn. It will star herself and the play’s author and award-winning actor John Cariani at the Judy Black Park and Gardens July 17-18. Read More

Washington's Theatre for Good Presents "Almost, Maine" July 17-18

WASHINGTON — Litchfield County native, actress Caroline Kinsolving, started Theatre for Good almost four years ago.

“I wanted to bring people together as well as benefit the community. I believe every single person can contribute in their own small way,” Kinsolving said.

TFG presents “Almost, Maine” starring the playwright John Cariani and Kinsolving, with performances July 17-18. Read More

For those that missed it in Hartford, there are 2 more chances to see CRY IT OUT here, in Litchfield County!

And we are so excited to pack the house for these incredible performances, belly laughs, and therapeutic catharsis for parents.The show is 90 minutes long. We’ll take a short break and then have an audience and actor talk-back for those who would like to stay. These proved to be lively and insightful discussions with our passionate audience members in Hartford and we are looking forward to engaging in these important dialogues with members of this community.


Broadway World raves CRY IT OUT is "fresh, fast paced, authentic and downright funny."

The New Haven Arts Paper calls CRY IT OUT "bracingly funny and candid.”

Talkin' Broadway calls CRY IT OUT "Cathartic and fun."

Theatre critic James Ruocco calls CRY IT OUT "a candid, intimate piece of theatre that surprises and illuminates.”

The Berkshire Eagle says CRY IT OUT is "vividly drawn and richly human, especially in director Rachel Alderman's smooth, subtly crafted production.

Audiences said:"Men and women should both see this. There's so many reasons to see this play.” “Excellent in every way.” “So well done. So very, very powerful.” “Enjoyed it from beginning to end.” “Great, distinct characters.”“Such an important play to see.”

"The fact that so many people can relate to it makes me feel proud that I was able to capture this incredibly short temporary moment in our lives as parents,” said Molly Smith Metzler.


It’s a great date night or a night out with friends; come one, come all. We’ve gotten lots of raves, including this from Broadway World:

What’s it about?

Podcast Interview:


Reservations are rolling in! Be sure to make yours for this very special theatrical occasion in Litchfield County!

Theatre for Good Brings “Our Town” Back to Our Town,
by Lindsey Turner

The incredible playwright, Molly Smith Metzer, currently one of the top TV writers in Hollywood, has granted Theatre For Good the rights to bring the Hartford Stage cast of NYC actors to the Litchfield Hills - this just doesn’t happen!

Litchfield County native, actress Caroline Kinsolving, started Theatre for Good (TFG) a year and a half ago because she saw Litchfield County was so full of talented and cultured people, those who thirst to perform and those who crave to experience.

“I’ve asked myself how I can help the world in whatever small way I can. I wanted to do something selfless with my free time that would benefit the community and, therefore, the world. I believe everyone can contribute in small or large ways and that goodness spreads in more ways than one,” Kinsolving said.

Kinsolving saw two beautiful venues she could welcome the public to and help support — the theatre at Washington Montessori School where she is an alumna, and The Judy Black Memorial Park and Gardens.

On April 20th and 21st TFG performed Thornton Wilder’s “Our Town” at the Judy Black Memorial Park and Gardens in Washington, CT. “I’ve loved this play for a long, long time and the first time I saw it, I felt like I was watching a play about everything I love about living in this area,” Kinsolving said. The group raised $1,007 over the weekend that was donated to the Judy Black Memorial Park and Gardens and the Washington Community Fund.

In the last year and a half TFG has raised over $4,000 for

  • The Steep Rock Association
  • WMS Annual Fund
  • Higher Heights
  • Emerge America
  • The Annual Fund for Scholarships
  • the Susan B. Anthony Organization
  • Everytown for Gun Safety
  • Women’s Center of Greater Danbury
  • Loaves and Fishes of New Milford
  • The Judy Black Park and Gardens
  • Prime Time House,
  • CT Votes for Animals
  • Independent Theatre Organization
  • Friends of Animals
  • CT Rivers Alliance
  • Washington Community Fund

by performing Chekhov’s “The Cherry Orchard,” Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing,” and “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” John Cariani’s “Almost, Maine,” Noel Coward’s “Private Lives,” and most recently, Thornton Wilder’s “Our Town.” Caroline Kinsolving has been a professional actress for the last 20 years, working in TV, film and theatre in Los Angeles and New York. She grew up in and currently resides in Litchfield County. The cast are members of the community who donate their time to come together for good. To learn more visit and email if you’d like to participate or attend future TFG plays.

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In the past three years, I’ve raised money to volunteer in two developing countries, in order to further my understanding of humanity. My trip to Africa was in Tanzania, where I taught Yoga to children in schools and orphanages. My trip to India was in New Delhi, where I taught Shakespeare to 2-15 year olds in a slum and worked with teachers to promote peace and understanding with...

One of the best decisions I’ve ever made was to adopt a rescue puppy from Los Angeles four years ago. If you’re thinking about adopting - do it! If a bi-coastal actress can figure out how to make it work, anyone can. Petruchio is a rescue Irish Wolfhound mix mutt from the Star Paws Rescue Organization. I met him when he was four weeks old at a Farmer’s Market in the Pacific Palisades. Named after a favorite leading man’s role in Shakespeare from “The Taming of the Shrew.” I played Kate the summer before I got him and figured, if I tame him, he’ll probably tame me.  

Film+Poems=FOEMS:  Poems for the eyes, ears, and soul: One location. One shot. One take. "Poetry has always been a sacred language to me because I grew up with a poet by my side. My mother shared poetry and how to see the world poetically throughout my childhood, for which I will always be grateful. Several years ago, my managers encouraged me to start my own performance project and create my own content, but I didn’t want to just make another video, adding to the thousands of funny sketches out there. I wanted to put something out there that was not only unique but thoughtful and helpful to those viewing. I asked myself what I might have to offer and poetry came to mind and so, FOEMS was born. Over 100 videos later, I’m proud to have heard from actors, teachers, poets, and students alike from around the world, expressing their appreciation for poetry on film." We are developing this project to get Poetry into the hands (and onto the iPhone screens) of the next generation. James Fenton, known as one of the greatest poets of our generation, watched his Foem, "In Paris With You," and wrote "I'm always pleased at the way that poem gets around - and in unexpected versions…Thank you." Kate Light, responded to her poem's Foem: "I love this! ... I always had mixed feelings about the poem, but it’s the one that Anthologists often pick, and you made me see why!” Over 100 Poems and over 35,000 views worldwide: For the love of poetry, please share!

For beginners & older folks. Proceeds from these Yoga videos will go toward the following causes:
  • Planned Parenthood
  • The World Wildlife Fund
  • The Humane Society
  • JDRF and the Environment
Please click on the class that you’d like to purchase and follow the directions to make a donation ($15 or more). Then, enjoy the class video!

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